Why bother with the phone?

Sometimes telephone research is the best way to gather the information you need, and sometimes it’s the only way.

Examples in which telephone research can contribute to an overall solution include:

Up to the minute information isn’t available – online is providing information from last year or last month, but you need a current update.

The answer just isn’t online – your subject, or the particular slant, or specific population hasn’t been covered. Or perhaps the information is just too old and hasn’t yet been added to the digital world.

‘Soft’ information is critical – how does someone feel about this? what’s the future direction of that? what’s the scuttlebutt under the radar?

You require input from particular individuals or organizations, and answers to your specific questions.

You want honest answers you might not get yourself – your clients or customers may not be willing to tell you directly what their major issues are, but may be willing to share anonymously with a neutral third party.

Who uses our services?

Businesses from telecommunications to travel, insurance to pharmaceuticals – anyone who uses information to make good decisions whether they’re Fortune 100 companies or small start ups

Law firms for finding expert witnesses, tracking down facts, locating prior art, performing due diligence

Consultants – marketing specialists, business consultants, PR firms

Government Agencies – from the National Institutes of Health to local and state agencies

Researchers, research departments, and research companies to supplement their own work

Individuals including writers, inventors, entrepreneurs