Books include:

Super Searchers Go to the Source: The Interviewing and Hands-On Information Strategies of Top Primary Researchers – Online, on the Phone, and In Person
(Information Today, 2001) - Nominated as a Competia Most Insightful Book

The following provide links to excerpts:

Introduction and Overview of the book and topics
Public Records Searching Interview, Part 1
Public Records Searching Interview, Part 2

• Using the Phone to Gather Information in the Background Resources chapter in
Civil Interviewing and Investigation for Paralegals (Prentice Hall, 2005)


Articles Include:

  • “Using the Phone to Gather Hidden Information"
    a white paper published by the Association of Independent Information Professionals, 2004
  • “Going Right to the Source– Risa Sacks talks with Helen Clegg about the benefits of telephone research and the differences between techniques in the USA and Europe” BF Bulletin, Business and Finance Division, Special Libraries Association (Spring 2004)

  • “Remembering the Phone” AIIP Connections (Spring 1993)

  • “Using the Phone to Gather Information” The Legal Investigator (August 1993), p.46

  • “Remember the Phone?” Information Broker, Burwell Enterprises (March/April 1993)